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Claim Saltwater Games Airdrop: Revolutionizing Gaming with Web3

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Saltwater Games stands as a trailblazing gaming studio and publisher, spearheading the redefinition of gaming experiences through the convergence of immersive technologies. Fueled by the $XR token, this gaming ecosystem prioritizes competitive community gaming, seamlessly blending renowned IPs with digital experiences. Positioned as a web3 hub, gamers engage in competitions for rewards and governance, underpinned by decentralized technologies.

The Saltwater Games Airdrop Initiative

Claim Saltwater Games Airdrop: Revolutionizing Gaming with Web3

Saltwater Games has secured $5.5M in funding from investors Deus X Capital and Fourth Revolution and launched a points campaign. Participants who register and complete quests will earn points in the form of tXR. Additionally, gain 150 tXR for each successful referral. These tXR points will later be converted to XR tokens post-token launch.

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How to Participate and Claim Saltwater Games Airdrop

Follow these steps to participate in the Saltwater Games airdrop:

  1. Visit the Saltwater Games airdrop page.
  2. Submit your email and sign up.
  3. Verify your email and log in.
  4. Connect your Twitter account to begin completing quests.
  5. Upon completion, receive 1,500 tXR points.
  6. Enter the referral code “1e9a3b076c” to earn an extra 150 tXR points.
  7. Continue completing quests to accumulate more tXR points.
  8. Earn an additional 150 tXR points for each successful referral.

For detailed information on the airdrop, refer to the official page.

Saltwater Games Airdrop Requirements

  • Twitter: Follow required.
  • E-Mail: Required for claiming the airdrop.

Quick Overview

Saltwater Games sets sail towards a new era of gaming, intertwining technology, and community to redefine entertainment in the Web3 era.

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