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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Claim UpRock Airdrop: Democratizing AI with Decentralization

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UpRock is on a mission to democratize advanced AI web crawling and data synthesis by integrating decentralized physical infrastructure, providing real-time and personalized insights. This initiative challenges the centralized control of AI, offering a framework for real-time insight across various domains.

Claim UpRock Airdrop: Democratizing AI with Decentralization

The UpRock Airdrop Initiative

UpRock is offering free UPT tokens to participants of their airdrop campaign. Simply sign up on their website to claim 2 UPT tokens. Moreover, invite friends to earn an additional 5 UPT for each referral.

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How to Participate in UpRock Airdrop

Follow these steps to join the UpRock airdrop:

  1. Visit the UpRock website.
  2. Click on “Launch App.”
  3. Register and verify your email.
  4. Complete your profile setup to receive 2 UPT tokens.

Download the UpRock earnings app (Google Play store/MacOS app, iOS coming soon) to explore multiple ways to earn UPT.

Unlock 10% of the tokens at launch, with the remaining 90% released over 90 days. For detailed information on the airdrop and token distribution, refer to the official airdrop announcement.

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Airdrop Requirements

  • E-Mail: Required for claiming the airdrop.

Quick Overview

UpRock paves the way for a decentralized AI ecosystem, empowering users with real-time insights while challenging the status quo of centralized AI control.

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