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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Claim XSwap (XSWAP tokens) Airdrop: Full Step by Step Guide

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Dive into the decentralized interoperability realm with XSwap, a dApp built on Chainlink CCIP. As a service layer atop CCIP, XSwap facilitates cross-chain token swaps and flexible smart contract execution on various destination chains.

Seize the Opportunity: XSwap Airdrop

XSwap announces an exciting airdrop, allocating 2% of the total supply of XSWAP tokens to users who’ve interacted with the platform. Eligible users, having earned at least 14 points across various activities such as being in the top 10,000, making at least three swaps, or executing a swap before 01-04-2024, are eligible for the airdrop. Act swiftly as eligible participants must claim their tokens within 14 days of TGE (May 6th, 2024, at 14:00 UTC) to secure their rewards.

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Airdrop Confirmation Details

  • Airdrop Link: Go to airdrop
  • Total Value: 2% of the total supply
  • Platform: Chainlink
  • ✅ Airdrop confirmed

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the XSwap airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your wallet to the platform.
  3. Check your eligibility to determine the number of tokens you’re eligible to claim.
  4. Eligible users have two options to claim their tokens:
  • Get a 20% Bonus: Claim 25% of your airdrop immediately and receive the remaining 75% through a three-month linear vesting period.
  • Immediate Claim: Forgo the additional 20% bonus and claim all tokens right away.
  1. Eligible users must have interacted with XSwap and earned at least 14 points across various activities outlined on the airdrop page.
  2. Ensure to claim your tokens within 14 days of TGE (May 6th, 2024, at 14:00 UTC) to avoid missing out on your rewards.

Additional Information:

  • The snapshot of eligible users was taken on April 25th, 2024, at 7:00 AM UTC.
  • For more detailed information about the airdrop, refer to the comprehensive guide here.

Explore Future Opportunities

Are you eager for projects without tokens yet, potentially offering governance tokens to early adopters? Dive into our curated list of potential retroactive airdrops within the DeFi space and ensure you’re primed for future opportunities here!

Join the XSwap Community:

Embrace the future of decentralized interoperability with XSwap and secure your share of XSWAP tokens in the airdrop. Join now and be part of the dynamic XSwap ecosystem!

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