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How to Claim Nyan Heroes Airdrop (NYAN tokens): Full Step-by-Step Guide Here

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Learn how to participate in the Nyan Heroes Airdrop and earn NYAN tokens while immersing yourself in a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs. Follow this comprehensive guide to sign up for the airdrop, complete tasks, and secure your share of CATNIP points, convertible to NYAN tokens.

Unlock Rewards with Nyan Heroes Airdrop

Nyan Heroes brings to life a captivating vision of a team-based hero shooter, where small cats control giant mechs. With a focus on creating an immersive experience for mid-core shooter fans of all ages and genders, Nyan Heroes aims to capture hearts through its unique IP-driven gameplay.

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Airdrop Confirmation Details:

  • Airdrop Link: Claim Airdrop
  • Platform: ETH
  • Total Value: n/a
  • Airdrop Confirmation: ✅ Airdrop confirmed

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Nyan Heroes airdrop page.
  2. Connect your Twitter account.
  3. Enter the referral code “TeamAirdrops” and complete the sign-up process.
  4. Earn free points in the form of CATNIP.
  5. Complete additional missions to accumulate more CATNIP.
  6. Receive 20 CATNIP for each successful referral.
  7. CATNIP points will be converted to NYAN tokens after the token goes live.
  8. Users who participated in Season 1 and earned MEOW points will also receive NYAN tokens. Track Season 1 points here.
  9. For more information about the airdrop, refer to this tweet.

Explore Potential Airdrop Opportunities:

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Explore Nyan Heroes and Stay Connected:

Participate in the Nyan Heroes Airdrop, join the adventure of cats in mechs, and earn NYAN tokens. Stay connected with the Nyan Heroes community and be part of this unique gaming experience.

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