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How to Participate in the Ekubo Airdrop: Step-by-Step Guide

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Discover the potential rewards of the Ekubo Airdrop, an opportunity to engage with an advanced automated market maker (AMM) on the Starknet blockchain. Learn how to earn free points by interacting with the platform and stay informed about potential future developments, including token launches and airdrops.

Unlock Rewards with Ekubo Airdrop

Ekubo, operating on the Starknet blockchain, introduces an innovative automated market maker (AMM) with features like concentrated liquidity and enhanced extensibility. By leveraging highly optimized contracts, Ekubo offers users the advantage of lower fees and superior capital efficiency.

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Airdrop Confirmation Details:

  • Airdrop Link: Claim Airdrop
  • Platform: Starknet
  • Total Value: n/a
  • Airdrop Confirmation: ❌ Airdrop unconfirmed

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Ekubo website.
  2. Click on “Launch App” to access the platform.
  3. Connect your Argent, Braavos, or OKX wallet to initiate interactions.
  4. Deposit funds and perform swaps to start earning free points.
  5. Ensure you have USDC, USDT, and ETH for trading. Acquire them from Binance if needed.
  6. Utilize Rhino.fi to bridge tokens from other networks to Starknet.
  7. Earn additional points by providing liquidity to the pools.
  8. Stay updated with Ekubo’s recent updates, including the completion of government audits and the imminent closure of the points reward system.

Additional Information:

  • Ekubo has not officially announced plans for a token launch or implemented a points system.
  • Although there’s speculation about potential future airdrops, no guarantees exist for early user participation.
  • Explore other projects without tokens yet, offering potential governance token airdrops to early adopters, by visiting our curated list of potential retroactive airdrops in the DeFi space: DeFi Airdrops.

Explore Ekubo and Stay Connected:

Participate in the Ekubo Airdrop, engage with the platform, and potentially secure rewards for future token launches. Stay connected with Ekubo’s community and witness the evolution of automated market-making on the Starknet blockchain.

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