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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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In-Depth Tesla Cybertruck Review: The Amazing Futuristic Electric Pickup

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I recently got the chance to see Tesla’s new Cybertruck in person at a launch event. As someone who loves pickup trucks, I was intrigued yet skeptical about how an electric truck could match conventional gas-powered trucks. However, what Tesla has created with the Cybertruck is remarkable and it exceeded my expectations. In this review blog, I’ll give you my honest take on the features, capabilities and experience of being in Tesla’s audacious new electric pickup.

Introduction: Tesla Cybertruck Review

The Cybertruck marks Tesla’s entry into the extremely popular US pickup truck segment occupied by long-time bestsellers like the Ford F-150. But like other Tesla vehicles, the Cybertruck aims to be a category definer with its radical angular body styled like a futuristic armored vehicle.

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But there is substance behind the Cybertruck’s peculiar style. It’s designed and engineered from the ground up to perform just as well, if not better than traditional trucks. After spending some time checking it out myself, I realized that Tesla has built something special that could very well disrupt the pickup truck industry.

Design & Exterior – Form Follows Function

One look at the Cybertruck and it’s obvious that style was not the priority in its design. The exterior shape is all about optimizing function over form which gives it that cyberpunk-esque flavor.

The exterior is made of an ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. Unlike regular automotive steel, this material gives the Cybertruck immense durability and dent/scratch resistance like an armored tank. Tesla claims the glass is also extremely tough and shatter-resistant thanks to a specialized chemical tempering treatment.

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With its pointy polygon-shaped body, flat surfaces and angular lines, the Cybertruck basically looks like a giant metal trapezoid on wheels. The origins of its unusual styling become more clear when you consider the focus on utility. For example, the bed walls are completely straight so that you can easily slide objects in and out.

As strange as it looks compared to a typical truck aesthetic, I quite like that they’ve gone so radically functional. The design has definitely grown on me too. And I have to admit seeing it drive around in person, it has road presence for days.

Performance & Capability – A Muscular Machine

But this electric truck is more than just a pretty face – it’s got some serious muscle too. Power and torque levels match or beat the top gas-powered trucks:

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  • 0-60 mph in an insane 2.9 seconds for the top-end trim
  • Up to 500+ miles of range on a full battery
  • Tow up to 14,000 pounds
  • Payload capacity exceeding 3,500 pounds
  • Off-road ready with high ground clearance

I expected good acceleration from the instant torque of electric motors. But I did not expect to see it smash the coveted under 3 second 0-60 mph time. It’s almost laughable how quick this giant truck can move thanks to the special ‘Beast Mode’ setting.

Towing and hauling capacities are competitive too – meeting the needs of serious truck owners. Of course you get the advantages of lower maintenance, no emissions, and smooth power delivery as well with an electric motor.

Interior, Comfort & Technology

The interior is where the Cybertruck feels most like a regular pickup truck despite its unconventional look. The cabin design focuses heavily on function, utility and durability over style.

There are two rows offering 6-seat capacity with plenty of legroom. The seats have deep cushioning that feel comfortable. Interior materials use hard wearing fabrics that prioritize durability over plushness. You won’t find any leather here and that’s by design.

The centerpiece is a massive 17-inch touchscreen display which gives you control over all the systems, entertainment and more. Fit and finish is simple and focused on utility rather than luxury. There are no complex curves – just flat surfaces, right angles and straight lines for easy cleaning. In the back, you get lockable storage big enough to fit a full-size ATV vehicle.

Overall the interior lacks elegance you’d expect from a premium vehicle but it does deliver on space, practicality and purpose. The spartan almost military-esque aesthetic complements the exterior styling nicely.

First Impressions on the Cybertruck

In-Depth Tesla Cybertruck Review: The Amazing Futuristic Electric Pickup
Tesla Cybertruck

My first encounter with the Cybertruck was definitely surprising. I knew about the out-there styling but pictures don’t do justice to seeing this beast in person. It has serious road presence – both in size and visual shock factor.

But taking a closer look and chatting with Tesla’s engineers gave me an appreciation for how deeply this electric truck was engineered. The adaptive air suspension, shatter-proof glass and body materials are seriously innovative.

And as unconventional as it looks, the interior does deliver great practicality and space for cargo/passengers thanks to its boxy shape. Whether tradies, fleets and everyday drivers will take to its radically utilitarian style still remains to be seen.

Performance and capability metrics based on Tesla’s specs suggest it can trade blows with fossil-fuel fed trucks in towing, payload and power. Yet it retains the EV advantages of cleaner energy, lower noise, and less maintenance.

So despite initial reservations about its odd looks, Tesla seems to have created a seriously compelling option that could disrupt the pickup truck status quo.

Pricing & Availability

The Cybertruck is available for pre-order now in both Single Motor RWD and Dual/Triple motor AWD configurations. Here’s a quick look at the pricing:

VersionRange0-60 mphTowingPrice
Single Motor RWD250+ miles6.5 sec7,500+ lbs$39,900
Dual Motor AWD300+ miles4.5 sec10,000+ lbs$49,900
Triple Motor AWD500+ miles2.9 sec14,000+ lbs$69,900

Tesla expects to begin high volume production for the Single and Dual motor models in late 2023. The fastest, triple motor variants will follow in 2024.

For buyers looking to pre-order, you only need to put down a fully refundable $100 deposit. So definitely take advantage of reserving your Cybertruck spot soon before wait times get long!


The Tesla Cybertruck is like nothing I’ve seen before from the pickup world. As electric trucks emerge aiming for practicality over style, Tesla has gone to the radical extreme with a uniquely science-fiction inspired design.

But behind the controversially angular metal and glass exterior lies tremendous capability for work and play. Performance, towing power and range match or beat current gas/diesel trucks. The Cybertruck seems ready to take on any job while still delivering the perks of electric driving.

Between the durable body, long range, off-road competence and next-gen tech I firmly believe the Cybertruck has incredible potential. Tesla has created an extraordinary electric workhorse that opens up new possibilities for the pickup segment. Any skepticism I had was quickly replaced with genuine excitement.

So are you excited yet about this wild electric truck of the future like I am? Let me know what you think about the Cybertruck in the comments!

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