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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Introducing Renzo(REZ Airdrop): Revolutionizing Staking with Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT)

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Renzo, the Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer, serves as the gateway to the EigenLayer ecosystem, securing Actively Validated Services (AVSs) while offering superior yields compared to traditional ETH staking. Simplifying user interaction, Renzo abstracts all complexities, fostering seamless collaboration between users and EigenLayer node operators.

Empowering Participants: The REZ Airdrop

Renzo, backed by Binance Labs and supported by notable investors such as Maven 11 Capital and OKX Ventures, announces an airdrop of 7% of its token supply to participants. Users can now claim their share of REZ tokens within a 30-day window. Notably, the second round of the airdrop has commenced.

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How to Claim Your REZ Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Renzo airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your wallet to claim the REZ governance token.
  3. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria established before April 26, 2024, to claim your REZ tokens.
  4. The claim window remains open for 30 days.
  5. Participants who staked and earned a minimum of 360 points qualify for the airdrop.
  6. Wallets with over 500k ezPoints will unlock 50% of tokens at TGE, with the remainder vesting linearly over 3 months.
  7. The team has augmented the airdrop allocation from 5% to 7% of the token supply.
  8. Season 2 of the airdrop is now underway, with 5% of the REZ supply allocated for this phase.
  9. Season 1 participants receive a 10% boost.
  10. The team has increased the token allocation for the community from 30% to 32%.

Participating in Staking: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Visit the Renzo website.
  2. Connect your MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any supported wallet.
  3. Select the token and chain for staking; Renzo supports tokens from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Binance, Base, and other chains.
  4. Acquire ETH, wBETH, stETH, or wETH from Binance.
  5. Stake your tokens to receive ezETH (LRT) in return.
  6. Begin earning yield, including EigenLayer points and Renzo ezPoints.
  7. Earn an additional 10% of Renzo points from each referral.

For detailed information on updated airdrop conditions, refer to the official announcement here.

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Key Details at a Glance

Renzo pioneers liquid restaking in the EigenLayer ecosystem, offering participants unparalleled opportunities for yield generation and active participation. Join the Renzo community today to embark on a journey of financial empowerment and innovation.

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