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Rabby Wallet Airdrop: Enhancing DeFi Experience with Security and Rewards

Rabby Wallet is an open-source browser plugin designed for the DeFi ecosystem, aiming to provide users with a more user-friendly and secure multi-chain experience. This wallet offers a seamless multi-chain experience by automatically switching to the corresponding chain based on the visited Web3 dApp. Additionally, it features a security rule engine, allowing users to check errors and risks before signing transactions.

Points Program and Potential Rewards

While Rabby Wallet by DebBank does not currently have its own token, it has introduced a points program that may hint at future rewards for users. The points program enables users to earn points through various activities, including installing the app, engaging in on-chain activities, making swaps, and referring new users. Accumulating points could potentially make users eligible for an airdrop if Rabby Wallet decides to launch its own token.

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Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the Rabby Wallet for Chrome: Rabby Wallet.
  2. Install the wallet and import your existing wallet or create a new one.
  3. Click on “Rabby Points” from the wallet interface.
  4. Enter “GETAIRDROPS” in the referral code field.
  5. Users who import an EVM wallet will receive bonus points based on the wallet balance at the snapshot date.
  6. Import your Metamask wallet and get up to 12k bonus points if you’ve used Metamask Swap in the past year.
  7. Engage in on-chain activities, make swaps, etc., to start earning points.
  8. Receive 50 points for each referral who accumulates 100 points.

Important Notes:

  • For more information regarding the points program, refer to this tweet.
  • While Rabby Wallet has hinted at rewarding users, there is no guarantee of an airdrop or token launch. It remains speculative.
  • Using Rabby Wallet, being by DeBank, might make you eligible for the DeBank speculative airdrop.

Stay Connected

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Rabby Wallet Project Overview:

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