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What Is Cowgirl in Sex Position and Its Risks?

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A classic doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has heard of it. You may want to try the cowgirl position in the bedroom (please dismount first), but you’re not quite sure how to start; you may want an explanation that doesn’t require you to click a button that says “I am over 18”; or you may simply want to be able to understand your friends’ crude jokes better. For whatever reason, you can rely on us. Get in the saddle.

What position does a cowgirl hold?

The cowgirl position, which is sometimes referred to as the cowboy or rider position, is named after a profession that is well-known for being organized and well-seated. This is no accident. It’s a penetrative sex position where the receiving partner (or, should that be, pardner) sits on top of the penetrating one. Usually, this is thought of as a penis entering a vagina, but any combination of genitalia and gender can pull it off with the correct accessories, angle, and attitude.

The receiving partner kneels over the top with their legs to either side, while the penetrating partner lies down on their back. The reverse cowgirl can be created by having the person on top lower themselves until they are chest to chest with their partner, or they can assume the so-called horizontal cowgirl, in which case the partners are facing each other as in the classic cowgirl.

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Whichever method you decide on, you’ll next need to work your thigh muscles because the movement in the cowgirl position is similar to performing a HIIT session that lasts 5.4 minutes solely on squats. This is not to say that the partner on their back has to be completely passive if they aren’t, they’ll probably be thanked—they can push from below or utilize their hands and body to help provide their rider with some leverage and stability.

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Advantages of the Position

Men’s second favorite sex position is the cowgirl, according to experts (sex experts) and surveys (sex surveys—okay, we’re still working on that one). However, the pose’s benefits are not limited to its advantages; if you continue reading, you’ll discover that it’s also the third best for women.

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Why? Orgasm, to put it simply. The second: is clitoral stimulation (it’s okay, that’s not sexual). Author of Sex Positions for Every Body and resident sexologist at CalExotics, Jill McDevitt told Women’s Health that “there aren’t many positions that truly provide the ability to grind the clitoris against the pubic bone for stimulation during the natural motions of sex.” “But among them is cowgirl.”

Furthermore, the role has a great deal of versatility. We’ve already discussed a few modifications to the traditional version. Still, sometimes the smallest adjustments can have a big impact: you control the angle, penetration depth, and speed—or, perhaps more accurately, the space between your legs. According to McDevitt, “the same position can have different movements that change the experience.”

Is it harmful?

Simply placing the receiving partner on top isn’t usually what people mean when they talk about “risky sex.” However, there is a small risk associated with the cowgirl pose. A 2014 study found that half of the penile fractures that happened during intercourse happened while the person was enjoying this extremely sensual kind of dressage.

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Those who have penises may be even more concerned about reverse cowgirl: Take it slow, says She Comes First author and sex therapist Ian Kerner, who told Men’s Health that the angle is a little strange.

According to physician and influencer Karan Raj, “erratic thrusting” occurs when “the movements of the two parties are not in sync,” which accounts for the majority of these position-related injuries. The rider may suffer a broken penis as a result of this, and yes, we know you crossed your legs in sympathy. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to lower the risk: communication. This goes double for anything related to sex.

But if you make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable, you can prevent an X-rated trip to the ER and find out why this is one of the most popular positions overall.

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